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Essante Organics Review

Essante Organics Review

Essante Organics is a new network marketing company that has a large and growing product base in high-integrity 100% organic and toxic-free products.

What NOBODY Told You About Network Marketing Products:

First off, you have to understand something about network marketing companies.  Often, they have excellent products.  But sometimes they have inferior products.  Network marketing is a great distribution model for a company because it has low risks.  The distribution channel grows naturally.  And some great ideas come out of products developed by network marketing companies.

But in the majority of companies, they deal with the same sort of bait-and-switch as the the health and supplements market.  They sell by name dropping, and using inferior formulations because most people can’t read labels or understand the science behind them.

They will often mention a hot new ingredient or superfood on the label, but the the amount and the way they process it leaves it virtually useless.

My Story with Essante Organics:

I should let you now that about 8 years ago, I was a hairline away from going to Naturopathic College.  I ended up choosing to become an entrepreneur instead, but I know a ton about the industry.  And my aunt is one of the top Naturopatic doctors in the United States based out of Arizona.

This is the first point about Essante Organics that is head and shoulders above anything else: they have the strongest PRODUCT INTEGRITY I have ever seen in any company.  Period.

They are not one of those companies that “appears” to have clean, non-toxic products, but their products are still laced with parabens, dyes, artificial scents, and foaming agents like sodium laurel sulfate.  I’m trying real hard not to mention names here :-)

So most companies use, for example, synthetic vitamins or formulations that are less expensive rather than more absorbable. Because they are selling the sizzle at the expense of the customer.  Not Essante.

Let’s face it.  Creating products that are 100% organic costs the company more.  And they are willing to get by on lesser margins becasuse they have an ace-in-the-hole.

But we’ll get to that in a bit 😉

The Essante Organic Team

EssanteOrganics is based out of Phoenix, Arizona.  I have spoken extensively bith with the owner and the master distributor. Both are accessible over the phone and totally passionate.

Essante currently ships to 38 countries.  So we are probably open wherever you are in the world – but if you want me to check – just ask!

The founder of Essante Organics is Michael Wenniger.  He and his brother were multi-millionaires with a company called NuSkin international.  Since then, he has run other companies and really is at the point where money is MUCH less important than the company vision.

Before Essante Organics, Michael Wenniger, started a company selling all-natural weight loss lollypops and kids vitamin lollypops. (Great way to get vitamins into kids!)  In the last few years, he has sold over 13 Million lollypops.  These have been featured on TV shows and packaged for the celebrity red-carpet goodie bags.

(Michael Wenniger has strong ties to celebrities and he was in a popular rock and roll band in he 80s.)  Celebrities such as  Britney Spears and members of the Sopranos have used these lollipops to lose weight successfully.

Rounding out the executive team is Dr. Jonathan Levine (President) and Angie Levine (Chief Marketing Officer).

Really, that means nothing until you talk to them – and can get a feel for their motivations and integrity.  I was impressed when I could get a hold of them – and with the answers they gave me to the tough questions I asked.

Essante Organics Product Line:

They are all 100% organic (if organic is available.)  If not, they are wold grown.

They ONLY provide ingredients which are:

100% Certified Organic by the NOP (National Organic Program)
100% Certified Organic by the NSF (National Science Foundation)
100% Certified Toxic Free by the TFF (Toxic Free Foundation) &/or
100% Certified Eco Cert (Certification For Sustainable Development)

The ONLY exception is the popular lollypops which contain some non-GMO high-grade corn syrop.  They have plans to reformulate these using products in line with the Essante mission.

Some of the products also are Alkaline on the PH scale.  My extensive background in health has some benefits!  Most diseases are caused by an acidic foods – and most people don’t know this.  I won’t go into all the research here, but I’ll show you some links if you ask.

Essante Organics product line includes:

  • weight loss
  • alkalizing products
  • personal care
  • household
  • baby products
  • essential oils
  • other health products
  • anti-aging

Essante Organics already has over 60 products, and over 200 products already developed and ready to be released slowly into the marketplace.

Essante will become the largest 100% non-toxic and organic catalog company.  And we are in at the ground floor!

Essante Organics Compensation Plan:

The plan is a non-flushing binary.  With a 100% check match once you hit Platinum.

Binary comp plans are the MOST fair plans.  You don’t need to build 3 or 6 or 12 legs!

Also, your volume never flushes, so you never get penalized.

The compensation plan – when I first saw it – seemed very simple.  And I realized that the more complicated a compensation plan has to be – it’s basically just the company trying to figure out ways NOT to pay you.

There are 6 ways to earn:

  1. Thirty percent (30%) on all retail sales.
  2. Earn enroller bonus $50 or $100 on enrollment of a Fast Start Pak.
  3. Ten percent (10%) on team volume sales – 5% on each leg to the lowest leg volume.
  4. Gold Bonus – Maintain the level of Gold for 3 months and you get a $500 bonus.
  5. Check Match  – This is super-powerful and creates REAL residual income. Earn 25% team volume check match on all personally sponsored people as a Silver, 50% as a Gold and 100% as a Platinum.
  6. Expansion Race – As each company opens, the first 50 people to have $50K in volume on each leg, will get a “lifetime” 1% of commissionable sales divided amongst only 50 people.

Executives get paid weekly. Commission payments are currently done via check in the mail.  I LOVE getting checks in the mail!

Here is the full Compensation Plan Overview:

I really like how easy some of the levels are to achieve.  It’s simple.  Do-able by the average Mommy or Stay-At-Home Dad.

There just aren’t any tricks.

Final Thoughts About Essante Organics:

The marketing tools are weak.  It’s a young company – and it you want to make money, you want to get in early.  Better tools will be developed.  In fact, I’m working on a webinar right now exclusively for our team.

The trend is organic.  Organic spending – even during the recession – is growing.  And it’s one of the few industries that is going to continue to explode.

When my son got sick, there are no alternatives.  I spent thousands of dollars doing tests and flying across North America to see special doctors.  I make NO compromises for my family and my health.

Essante is a solid company, but untested.





Work from Home Nova Scotia

Work From Home: Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia is known as Canada’s Ocean Playground, for many it is either their way to make a living to support their families or  used for recreation. (1)  Fishbuilding, Shipbuilding, defense and international commerce have always been central to the economy of Nova Scotia. (2) While some of the world’s largest companies are located here, business has changed and this province is reaping the benefits of that change, where people, who are becoming resourceful are moving into a different direction than the typical 9 to 5 daily office routine.  For many it is as simple as getting out of bed and a few steps into their home office.

Are there legitimate Work From Home Opportunities in Nova Scotia?

When you think of the words “work at home Nova Scotia” it brings to mind a couple who live in this beautiful Canadian province,  Andrew Murray and Marie Torres, known to many as “The Marketing Couple.”  Andrew and Marie began their journey over ten years ago, right out of college. Originally Marie was going to be a lawyer and Andrew a professor, however they realized they enjoyed the way they were living their life together and decided to work for themselves. Their ultimate goal was to make a five figure monthly income right out of their home. Now lets face it that seems almost impossible for someone just getting out of college.  However, impossible is not a word you will find in Andrew or Maria’s vocabulary.

Now when they first started, they had no money, however they decided that it was more important to give up in the short term to have for the long term.  It took a lot of hard work and determination to go from making nothing per month to a five or six figure income. For instance while they loved hockey they gave it up and spent that time working on their business and educating themselves along the way.  Andrew and Maria began to work with a couple of mentors who showed them that Entrepreneurship was a direct path to their future. It had all of the elements, large income, and flexibility and this was the way they wanted to live.

At the young age of twenty eight, Andrew and Maria became the top producers in their direct sales company, where they officially became known as “The Marketing Couple” and had become multiple 6 figure income earners, earning a quarter of a million dollars in 15 months. They began to work full time from home in 2004 consistently bringing home a six figure income every month, not bad for just hanging out at home.


  • Top  producers in every company they have built
  • Top Affiliates training entrepreneurs not just locally but on an international level
  • Considered to be one of the most successful young couples in the MLM and Direct  Sales

Marketing Industry

  • Creators of a popular MLM Blueprints
  • Team Zeus, an Award-Winning Network Marketing Training Center founded by Andrew

and Marie

  • Top Wealth Masters International Marketing Leader
  • Train on an International Stage
  • Speaking on the same stage as Mark Victor Hansen (Chicken Soup for the Soul)
  • Creating Weekly Webinars
  • 2 times Gold Sales Winner for the most sales in their company
  • 2009 Peak Performer Award
  • Andrew and Marie had the most Team Members Awards of any team in their company
  • PPC Expert
  • Endorsed by Mike Dillard exemplifying the “Magnetic Sponsoring” system he teaches
  • Created their own Information Products

They both feel blessed to be able to work at home, spending time as a family and living in such a wonderful place as Nova Scotia.  While they could have kept all of this knowledge to themselves, they wanted to reach out to others and help them succeed also.  According to Andrew and Maria, “But Maria and I truly, passionately love helping other people succeed.”

Andrew and Maria began a journey over a decade ago and continue on it today.  You see they continue to excel in every area they set their minds to, they have not learned the phrase, “I can’t,’  It is truly that entrepreneurial spirit; their passion to live life to it’s fullest and of course hard work that has brought them this far and who  knows just how far it will take them.

1.1001 Nova Scotia Information, retrieved on  September 19, 2012,

2.Nova Scotia FactbookTrade Team Nova Scotia, Retrieved on September 19.2012

3.Want to Discover How to Unlock Your Money Making Potential? Retrieved on September20, 2012

Top Rank in Visalus [PROOF]

Top Rank in Visalus [PROOF]

Hey y’all!

It’s Marie here and just wanted to share a little joy with all of you.

Just got  message in Facebook from our upline that we are as of right NOW, the #1 Ambassador in ALL of Visalus!

But the best part, our personal team members are taking the #1 spots too in their rank!

Woot! Woot!

Click Here To Join Visalus


The Fortune Is In The Follow Up

It’s funny, when Andrew and I first started in the industry almost 12 years ago, all we heard was “The fortune is in the follow up.”

For awhile we ignored that because the thought of picking up the phone to make the intial call was painful enough, let alone making another call to get the sale.

Well 12 years later and having trained thousands of networkers generically, there has never been a more true statement than the one above.

“The Fortune Is In The Follow Up”

Without the follow up call nothing progresses – you can have no success.

Think about it, the initial call is just the beginning. People need to see things 7-12 times or hear from you 7-12 times before they make a decision. They have to be comfortable enough with you and the product to go ahead and take the plunge and yet most of us just pray that after the intial call, the prospect will be so interested that they’ll just join without talking to us again.

If you are going to be successful in this industry, you need to bite the bullet and be systematic about following up.

And follow up needs to be done within 24 hours at the latest.

Think about it, most of the time you are doing some form of interruption marketing – prospecting a person when they least expect it.

Even if they are very interested, people are busy, and if what you are talking about isn’t constatly in the forefront of their minds, they’ll forget and you’ll have to start all over again.

I mean, seriously, how much do you remember of things that happened 48 hours ago?

So Here’s What To Do

It is your job, to keep them engaged in HYPERSPEED from the time you first do you intial call.

Some people say to me, “Well I don’t want to push them…”

Well if you don’t, they will most likely never come into your business.

It is no coincidence that people who are good at the follow up, are good in this industry. You have to have do it EFFECTIVELY!

Make The Commitment!

So make a commitment to yourself that you be vigilant about the follow up.

Do not let a day go by without contacting your prospect.

Unless they specifically give you a time that works from them, it is your job to force the time MEANING it’s up to you to suggest the times for follow up that suit YOUR agenda.

For example, in my primary company, the first exposure tool I use takes 3 minutes – a simple sizzle call.

Never will you hear me say, I’ll call you tomorrow.

The follow up to that first call is done within 5 minutes if I can help it.

That means within an hour – they’ve gone through the majority of my funnel.

Your main purpose is to get them through the process FAST.

Can you imagine if I left that for 48 hours or more?  Yet this is what most people do.  They leave it for a week or nore in most cases!

Trust me , your prospect is NOT going to remember a 3 minute sizzle call a week later!

The fortune is in the follow up. Live that and you will see your business change.

For the more information on what I use to systemize my business and put it on autopilot so NOTHING falls through the cracks, click here.

Visalus Review – Body By Vi 90 Day Challenge Review

Visalus Review – Body By Vi 90 Day Challenge Review


MamaNetworker Official Visalus Review

Hi, there…

So glad you found this Visalus review.

So here’s the thing, people ask me all the time what makes Andrew and I (my husband is SEO networker, Andrew Murray) decide on building a company.

Because we get asked all the time to join the newest startups and companies because of our experience and reach in the online community, we have to vet a company more than the average person because of our reputation and current influence.

But here is my big thing, I have been around for what is close to 12 years building the internet/home business lifestyle so I’ve seen a lot of things.   I know what works and what doesn’t and so I feel that I am completely equipped to make a sound decision and provide an unbiased opinion.

Visalus Review: So why does Visalus make sense?

For a number of reasons, and I’ll explain everything in this Visalus review.

When Andrew and I were first approached to look at Visalus, I was very skeptical.  After coming from the top tier industry where you make a lot of money on each and every sale, I was weary to jump into an MLM type compensation plan.  I just felt that most of the time there was not enough money to made on the front end to warrant spending 95% of your time building it.

In fact, my first experience and several after that was putting in a lot of work and then making a measley $386 a month after 18 months of working HARD!  Not fun, and so I really did not want a repeat of that after being accustomed to making $1000 per sale.

But when I started to look closer at Visalus and the Body By Vi Challenge, I realized that it had a very balanced comp plan.  There was a lot of money to be made on the front end, and the back end to invest the time in building it.  The idea that someone could do between $600-$1000 there very first week in the business was astonishing to me and yet, you could see it was being done over and over again.  That made me look closer.

In fact, you’ll see that people who start in Visalus can make that their first week and literally walk out of their first 30 days with a few thousand dollars if not a BMW.  And I know it may sound hypey but it’s not and I’ll explain why, just keep reading.

This plan also allows you to create that incredible residual and it’s because of what I am going to explain next…

What!???  159K+ joined the 90 day challenge last month!

Next, I was amazed that there were 40K people a month joining the Body By Vi 90 Day Challenge and most of these people were customers.

From a promoters standpoint, when the mainstream public are joining the company just to use the product and have no financial incentive, this makes for a sticky residual income for you.

Part of the problem with other companies is that the only people joining are those who want to build a business.  This makes it difficult to retain a healthy residual income that comes in monthly when you are only dealing with distributors.

This is so different in Visalus.  It really is incredible and has been one of the most surrising things about building this business.

The growth and momentum, the wave that we are riding gives us an opportunity like no other.

At the time of this writing, the number of people who joined the 90 Day Challenge was 159K+ in just the last 30 days, 13K of those promoters, the rest were purely customers.  That’s huge.  Right now the customer to distributor ratio is 10:1.

Plus, Visalus is SO SMART that they have incorporated a 3 for free referral program for both customers and promoters.

So here’s how it works:


For example you have a customer, just like a rewards program, if they get on the challenge, if they refer 3 people to the challenge they get their challenge kit for FREE.  This is an incredible way for people to spread the message virally.

I have many customers who share the challenge just so they get their challenge kit free every month.

On top of this, promoters autoship for free every month too.  All they need is 3 customers and who doesn’t want to get fit!  It is such an easy sell which brings me to my next point.

Visalus and the Body By Vi Challenge is NOT an education based sale.

With most companies, you have to convince people that the NEED your product.  The next miracle juice, the next supplement they can’t live without but Visalus is different – getting fit and healthy is universal.  The main media already promotes that message and the 90 day Body By Vi Challenge fits into that.  Everyone LOVES a challenge and who doesn’t want to get fit and healthy.  It is a message that EVERYONE CAN GET BEHIND!

Plus, the misconception is that the Body By Vi Challenge is just about losing weight.  It’s not!

The Challenge is for EVERYONE!  We have 5 different challenge kits for people to choose from.  So you can easily talk to anyone about the challenge.  If people want to lose weight, build muscle, want extra energy and nutrition, we have the kit for you.

In fact, we have done major trandeshows all over the country from health and wellness expos, to marathons and our customer demographic is extensive and has massive reach.  I have never been able to say that about any other product we’ve promoted and it just makes makingm oney that much easier.

Now the other thing people always ask me about is the management.

Now when I stsarted back about 12 years ago, I never understood why it was that important but after being a part of a company whose management drove it into the ground, I get it.  So our founders, Nick Sarnicola, Blake Mallen and Ryan Blair (bestselling author of “Nothing To Lose” and frequent guests on shows like Donny Deutch, Bloomberg TV, TED) they are innovative, and cutting edge.  In fact, did you hear that we broke the world’s record for biggest simultaneous flash mob.  You can watch it here…but seriously, talk about being innovative and using social media to get the Challenge more exposure!

Truly, you’ve probably seen how theBody By Vi challenge is all over Facebook, and the Takeover Tuesday campaign (where everyone talks about their progress on the challenge) is in full effect.  The Visalus Body By Vi 90 Day Challenge is a MOVEMENT!

Now, I’m sure you’ve all heard about the fabled BMW at the beginning of the comp plan and I can assure you that it’s there.

After being BMW qualified twice (Andrew and I both have one) it is incredible that Visalus puts it at the beginning.  Most people work years to even get to the car bonus and at that point any friend who would have been watching you, will be thinking, “well it’s about time!”  But with Visalus, in the last 30 days, I had 5 people join me at the beginning of the month and get themselves into a BMW by the end of 30 days.  Yes, it’s possible and very likely if you’re working.

Now you may be thinking, “How can this be so easy, there must be a catch…” and there is…

Not really a catch but a concept – the most beautiful concept I have ever heard of in this entire industry over the last 12 years, the waiting room.  Yup, I really am that in love!

The wating room allows people to move volume under other people.

This means that we can directly impact someones income by placing volume underneath them.

Now, I have always been able to help my team in terms of marketing, that is what we are known for, but to help them with real volume, is incredible.  So qualifying for that BMW is a team sport, it’s not just you.  And with us being the # 4 all time enroller in the company, we have the volume to move.  It is thrilling for us to be able to help our team this way and we are so thankful to be working such a dynamic comp plan.

This is the other reason why you hear of all these success stories come out of Visalus and how people are hitting the top ranks so quickly, even if they’ve never had any experience before.  The waiting room, love it!

So money on the front end, hitting the top of the comp plan in a few months, an amazing product that spreads virally, incredible momentum and growth — Visalus really is the company to beat.

I often tell people that this is a once in a lifetime opportunity and I really believe it.

The last time there was so much buzz around a company was back in the 80’s with Nuskin and we are poised to be the only company to do a billion dollars in North America alone.  Visalus is the perfect storm, with everything converging together at the same time.  Usually companies will have one thing going for it but not something else.  For example, a great product but a bad comp plan, or a great comp plan but a terrible product and no customers.  Do you see how rare it is to have Visalus and to be able to build it right now, while it’s in it’s growth curve…it’s a huge opportunity for people who see it.


visalus review



So if you have any further questions about Visalus or my Visalus Review, call me. 203-400-6515.



The Story Of Us

How We Became Successful In This Industry

The no-hype, full story of how we went from broke to multiple-six figure earners in the network marketing industry.

Jillian Chase Review

Jillian Chase Review

What is Jillian Chase

Jillian Chase is a company by Mary K. Dyas. The company makes monogrammed crystal gifts. Dyas started the company because of her love for glassware and crystal. Dyas also says she started the company because people seemed enthused about her going to get togethers and parties and selling her crystals as gifts. Dyas named the company Jillian Chase because Chase was a name of a family member while Jillian sounded like a fun name.

The Products of Jillian Chase

The company has many different products. Jillian Chase has wine boutique products, which include flutes, wine decanters, stemless wines, marta and simplicity. Chase also has barware items which include big chill, martinis, inspiration, medley, shot glasses, decanter and square one. Beer mugs, beer stems, beer glasses and macro brews are all beer related items that the company also has for sale. The company also has coffee related items as well as serving pieces such as pitchers, water sets, desserts sets, snack bowls and chip N dip bowls. Home and office products include vases, bud vases, desk items, picture frames, cache boxes, ornaments and paperweights. All of the products that the company has to offer are all high quality, affordable and they really sell themselves because of how great the products are made.

jillian-chase (1)

The Jillian Chase Company

Jillian Chase is a rather affordable business opportunity to get into. A starter kit must be purchased first. The starter kit costs around a hundred and fifty dollars. The kit includes one serving tray, one snack bowl and ten simplicity wines. All of the items in the starter kit comes personalized with the consultant’s own monogram, which makes them ready to bring to a party. Chase’s product line is unique, which makes the products easier to sell than other home based businesses that require people to sell products. Chase’s products are not only good to sell at parties but they can also be sold at birthday parties, holidays and gift giving seasons such as Christmas, Easter and other gift giving holidays.

The Jillian Chase Compensation Plan

Consultants have five different ways of making money. Jillian Chase has a very generous compensation plan. Consultants make money on retail product sales, power seller bonus, mentor bonus, advancement bonuses and residual overrides. A consultant makes money when they sell products directly to customers. When a consultant sells directly to a customer who buys directly from the company, they will get 25% profit off of a sale that is produced through a retail sale.

A power seller bonus is when a consultant sells a larger-than-average amount of items to their own clients. The consultant will receive their retail profit but will also receive a 3% bonus of the total sale price on a monthly volume of three thousand dollars and up, as well as 5% on orders that are five thousand dollars or more. Power sellers can end up earning a very large income on a monthly basis, thanks to the bonuses that are given to them on a monthly basis, if they reach the bonus requirements previously listed.
Another great way to earn money is through the mentor bonus program. A consultant becomes a sponsor when they get a person to become a consultant with Jillian Chase. Once their recruit joins the team, the sponsor will be able to earn a mentor bonus. This is possible if the recruit is able to sell the products. When a recruit sells products, the sponsor will make 5% of the sales made by their recruit. This is only for the first 90 days though. The earning potential is huge because if a consultant is able to get five people to join the company and they end up selling hundreds of dollars worth of items, they will earn 5% on all the sales. It is easy to see how the mentor bonus is a great way to earn a great income with the company.
Consultants also have the chance to earn money from advancement bonuses. This is a very great way to earn some real money with the company. Jillian Chase offers three different types of advancement bonuses. The bonuses are designed to reward consultants who move up in rank.

A consultant who gets to rank 2 within the company will receive $100, and when they reach rank 3 they will end up getting $150, and then double for advancements that take place during the period that is consider the Fast Start Period. This means that there is a total of $500 in bonuses to be earned at rank 2 and 3. With a little bit of hard work it is quite easy to get to rank 2 and 3 in a short amount of time. A person can reach rank 3 within a few short weeks, maybe even sooner. It all depends on how hard they are willing to work.
Jillian Chase also offer a group manager advancement. When a consultant becomes a group manager, then they will get $500 upon becoming a group manager. A consultant becomes a group manager after rank 3. Becoming a group manager is not the easiest rank to achieve but it is very possible to reach the rank for people who are ready to work hard and set goals to achieve on a daily or weekly basis.

Residual overrides are a way for consultants to build a wealth of money that is for the long-term. There are three types of overrides to strive for, which means consultants have more chances of earning some real long-term income with the company.
Level overrides are already determined by ranks. This type of override pays a certain percentage on sales that down lines make. A consultant can earn up to 5% on sales made through two levels of down lines. This is why it is important for a consultant to try and build a big down line.

Group managers can qualify for a group volume override. If they qualify, they can get 2% override on their own sales as well as on their very own group.

Group managers can also qualify for generation overrides. If they are able to qualify, then they will be able to receive up to 4% overrides on generations below them. This allows people who are top ranked to receive money on volume that goes very deep into the company.

It is easy to get parties and other types of events. This business opportunity is one of the best business opportunities to get involved with. Jillian Chase is a good business to get into. It is unique and the compensation plan is more than generous.

Thirty One Gifts Review

Thirty One Gifts Review

Thirty One Gifts Overview

Thirtyone Gifts is a handbag company started by Cindy Monroe in 2003. It is a home-party business, dominated by smart, sharp, entrepreneurial women, and founded on the principle that say-at-home Mom’s should be able to raise their kids – and have time at home with them.

mythirtyone gifts

How Thirty One Got Started

Cindy Monroe started Thirty-One gifts because she wanted a business that doesn’t take away the time for her family. She left her corporate job – which was sucking the life and time away from her family, and started MyThirtyOne in a basement sewing purses with a single sewing machine.

Thirty One Gifts is a faith-based company whose name comes from the bible – Proverbs 31.

The My Thirty One Product Line

Thirty One uses the network marketing distribution model to promote and sell their products. Its product lines include a number of economical and stylish women’s purses, backpacks, totes and other items for both practical and specialized purposes.

Their core product line is handbags.

thirtyonegifts handbags

(And what women doesn’t love a great handbag?)

Thirty One has products targeted at different age group. They have the MyThirtyOne “Directions” line that is intended for teenage girls. Products for that line include casual purses, armbands for iPods, messenger bags, and other things that teenagers need to “keep cool, Mom!”

But their core line are products for sophisticated women which are typical bags that have good style and form.
ThirtyOne prides itself on creating handbags that are affordable, easy to get, highly stylish and good quality.

The Thirty One Compensation Plan

In order to earn income with My Thirty One, you need to become a Thirty One consultant. The ThirtyOne Consultant startup kit costs $99.

For every product sold, a consultant earns a commission of 25%.

Thirty One Consultants are provided with supplies, tools and trainings. These all promote having home parties as the primary marketing method – which might seem odd for women coming from a high-powered corporate background.

Consultants also get pretty nice discounts on all the products as well as bonuses and travel benefits. These incentives increase as you create more sales volume for the company.

Aside from being a consultant, you may also become a hostess. As explained in one Thirty One review, hostesses are women who open their homes to host parties – and invite their friends for a handbag party, where the products are promoted and purchased. Hostesses earn 15% of the amount of products sold in addition to the 10% hostess discount and free shipping if they sell between $500 and $749.

Percentages increase if they sell more than $750 in some situations.

Problems With My Thirty One

Handbags while appealing, are unable to produce recurring income. Yes, you may buy more than one handbag, but it’s not something that people need to keep buying over and over. And the 25% commission is not enough to produce a solid income for the new person getting started.

I have spoken to Thirty One consultants who have built up teams, and they are not making enough to support themselves financially. Thirty One has quotas, and they can strip your downline from you if you miss certain monthly quotas. And handbags are not something people need to buy – so consultants often hit quota issues. This is not the ideal Thirty One career I think you want.

Also, since these handbags are higher priced that what is available in the stores, it’s not a great product for a down economy.

The Dark(er) Side of My Thirty One

The real problem I have with my Thirty One is that they do not allow you to mention “Thirty-One” on any blog, website or marketing funnel. If you are doing business in 2012 without using the leverage you can get on the internet… you just won’t keep up with the competition.

But what’s worse, is that even though Thirty One will kick somebody out of the company for such marketing violations, friends of the founder, like Team Hildenburg are allowed to stay on the internet in full violation of these rules – note the hypocrisy.

My advice is if you are a strong, independent woman, and want to create a better, more stable residual income stream online, I would look at this webinar instead.


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