15 Things To Know About Me

1. My first name is Marie-Sunshine (hyphenated), so most people call me, “Sun,” “Shine” or “Sunny”  Very few people call me Marie.

2. I went to a French private school and did all of my subjects including math and science in French until University.

3. Being a mother to my son Jack is the best thing that has ever happened to me.  They say that when you become a mother it is like it is forever having your heart walking around outside your body – I couldn't agree more!

4. I was studying to become a lawyer when I got bitten by the internet marketing bug!

5. I LOVE, AM OBSESSED with vintage pyrex!  I especially love the 50-60's primary colours, Friendship and Amish Butterprint in turquoise, orange and PINK!  I love any of the promotional items as well.  Want to buy me a present – I accept all things PYREX!

vintage pyrex advertisement

6. I love photography and could spend my days taking and editing pictures.

7. I was an actor as child and loved being on stage.  I studied at the New York Academy of Dramatic Arts as a teenager and loved spending my summers in New York City.  What an experience! (In fact, Andrew recently saw me on TV. Ask him for the link!)

8. I am a big time FOODIE!  Let Andrew and I loose in a market and we seriously could buy everything in site.  Trust me, we'd find a reason why we needed this spice, or that spice, why we needed that new kitchen appliance.  We're super big into gluten free (both Jack and I are allergic) and paleo food.  We are making the transition to a completely grain free household and have found that almond flours and coconut flours do me just great for my other obsession- BAKING!!!!

9. I am a beer person but hardly ever drink (gluten.)  I should probably try those gluten free beers!

10.  I love buying real estate. To date Andrew and I have bought and sold real estate since we were 21 years old.  I love fixing up homes, staging them and then re-selling them.  To boot, I just love to buy real estate for ourselves and am no actively looking for a farm!

11. I met Andrew when we were in highschool and we essentially grew up together.  I have known him for longer than I haven't.  The relationship I have with him is one of the best things in my life.  He truly is my best friend and the best father to our son.  He is an incredible man and I am lucky to have him.

12.  I am a Daddy's girl and though my father passed away 4 years now, there is not a day that I don't miss him.  He taught me about entrepreneurialism and being your own boss.  I wouldn't be here dictating how I live my life if he had not encouraged that in me from the time I was a wee one.  He instilled in me the ability to tough it out, to be brave and to go after the kind of life I wanted and deserve.

13.  I love homeschooling.  I never thought I would be a homeschooling mama but because of circumstance that brought us to that point (Jack and his illness) here I am and I love it.  Plus I love that my child gets to be with me everyday.

14. I cannot get enough of the shows “House Hunters,” “House Hunters International” and “Fixer Upper” on HGTV!

15.  I love husband and wives who end up working together – if they can do it (as I know it is not for everyone) I think you often find this amazing chemistry, a knowing and trusting that can only come with working with your life partner.

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