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Thirty One Gifts Review

Thirty One Gifts Review

Thirty One Gifts Overview

Thirtyone Gifts is a handbag company started by Cindy Monroe in 2003. It is a home-party business, dominated by smart, sharp, entrepreneurial women, and founded on the principle that say-at-home Mom's should be able to raise their kids – and have time at home with them.

mythirtyone gifts

How Thirty One Got Started

Cindy Monroe started Thirty-One gifts because she wanted a business that doesn’t take away the time for her family. She left her corporate job – which was sucking the life and time away from her family, and started MyThirtyOne in a basement sewing purses with a single sewing machine.

Thirty One Gifts is a faith-based company whose name comes from the bible – Proverbs 31.

The My Thirty One Product Line

Thirty One uses the network marketing distribution model to promote and sell their products. Its product lines include a number of economical and stylish women’s purses, backpacks, totes and other items for both practical and specialized purposes.

Their core product line is handbags.

thirtyonegifts handbags

(And what women doesn't love a great handbag?)

Thirty One has products targeted at different age group. They have the MyThirtyOne “Directions” line that is intended for teenage girls. Products for that line include casual purses, armbands for iPods, messenger bags, and other things that teenagers need to “keep cool, Mom!”

But their core line are products for sophisticated women which are typical bags that have good style and form.
ThirtyOne prides itself on creating handbags that are affordable, easy to get, highly stylish and good quality.

The Thirty One Compensation Plan

In order to earn income with My Thirty One, you need to become a Thirty One consultant. The ThirtyOne Consultant startup kit costs $99.

For every product sold, a consultant earns a commission of 25%.

Thirty One Consultants are provided with supplies, tools and trainings. These all promote having home parties as the primary marketing method – which might seem odd for women coming from a high-powered corporate background.

Consultants also get pretty nice discounts on all the products as well as bonuses and travel benefits. These incentives increase as you create more sales volume for the company.

Aside from being a consultant, you may also become a hostess. As explained in one Thirty One review, hostesses are women who open their homes to host parties – and invite their friends for a handbag party, where the products are promoted and purchased. Hostesses earn 15% of the amount of products sold in addition to the 10% hostess discount and free shipping if they sell between $500 and $749.

Percentages increase if they sell more than $750 in some situations.

Problems With My Thirty One

Handbags while appealing, are unable to produce recurring income. Yes, you may buy more than one handbag, but it's not something that people need to keep buying over and over. And the 25% commission is not enough to produce a solid income for the new person getting started.

I have spoken to Thirty One consultants who have built up teams, and they are not making enough to support themselves financially. Thirty One has quotas, and they can strip your downline from you if you miss certain monthly quotas. And handbags are not something people need to buy – so consultants often hit quota issues. This is not the ideal Thirty One career I think you want.

Also, since these handbags are higher priced that what is available in the stores, it's not a great product for a down economy.

The Dark(er) Side of My Thirty One

The real problem I have with my Thirty One is that they do not allow you to mention “Thirty-One” on any blog, website or marketing funnel. If you are doing business in 2012 without using the leverage you can get on the internet… you just won't keep up with the competition.

But what's worse, is that even though Thirty One will kick somebody out of the company for such marketing violations, friends of the founder, like Team Hildenburg are allowed to stay on the internet in full violation of these rules – note the hypocrisy.

My advice is if you are a strong, independent woman, and want to create a better, more stable residual income stream online, I would look at this webinar instead.


Tradeshow Secrets To Building Your Visalus Business

I just had an AMAZING weekend!

No, I did not spend the last 2 days lolling around, I actually spent it hitting the tradeshow floor but it was worth every single minute!

This Saturday and Sunday past, me and a few of my other team members spend the day hocking our product – figuring out the psychology to selling in a fast paced environment where you only had a few seconds to really grab people's attention, figure out what they want and then sell them the value of what you have – so exhilerating!

To top it all off, I had an amazing team that was dedicated to the process, that had incredible amounts of drive and just rocked it!  We walked out of there with orders, and hundreds of leads that we are in the process of closing at the moment.

Seriously, if you are building any sort of mlm business, you may want to look into tradeshows but be forewarned, most people lose their shirts.  They end up spending too much money and don't end up with anything to show for it.

In the next few days, I am going to share with you how our Visalus team got thousands of dollars worth of orders, kept our adrenaline up and were one of the busiest and most profitable booths in the show.  It is a matter of presenting people with a very clear picture of what your product does and then giving them a reason to buy.

If you are interested in knowing how we sold our wears – send me a quick comment!

Visalus Tradeshow Update:

Andrew cut a really nice video with some still photos and video clips from our tradeshow:

Leave your comments below!


Don’t Ever Quit!

It is 10:54 in the morning and while a lot of the country is just rousing…I'm 4 hours ahead of Pacific time, and jonesing for my next coffee.

This morning has been filled with a picnic breakfast for Jack in his room, a husband sick with the flu and several messages from my team members, my bookeeper and a call from someone looking to rent our rental property!  I haven't even begun to start on the numerous other tasks like getting on the phone, talking to new prospects and getting ready for my marketing webinar tonight!


But this is why I am writing.

I know that the best thing for me now is to take 15 minutes and just sit in silence. Go into another room and still my mind, breathe deeply and know that I have everything that I need to get through my day.

Even though I don't know how this day is going to unfold, if it just plain gets away from me and I feel like this all day, I'll know that this feeling is temporary…I'll be grateful for what I  have going RIGHT IN MY LIFE and keep going the next day because I know what I am doing is worth it.

People hear me on webinars and training platforms all the time talk about mindset.  In fact, we were interviewed for the home business magazine and we spent the entire time talking about marketing and mindset because it is critical for creating success.

The mindset thing is CRITICAL when you build a business from home because you are finally the captain of your own destiny.  You need to make sure you have the will power to see it through…which brings me to what I saw yesterday on Facebook.

Someone put the follwing their status and it resonated with me:

An EMPLOYEE trades his time for money. Regardless of the shift, he effectively trades his time for money. He then SPENDS the money and repeats the cycle so he will have to work forever to keep that cycle going. An ENTREPRENEUR invests his time in a way that will REWARD him many years from now. An Entrepreneur knows that TIME is the most valuable commodity, and to spend it wisely on strategies that will keep the cash flowing in whether he's present there or not.

So here's my point.  If you are just starting out, if you have been in this industry awhile and have not seen success – it is worth it to keep persisting.  Time is our most valuable commodity and I choose to have good days and bad days in pursuit of creating more time.

Not every day is going to be perfect, heck my day isnt' starting that way today, but I know that I need to keep myself and my mindset in check.

So if you ever feel yourself in this situation realize, this feeling too shall pass.  This industry is worth it, your business is worth it and you are worth it.  Don't EVER quit!



Woke up this morning to a bleeping alarm clock, a child who went to bed too late the night before and no time to get ready.

On Tuesday and Thursdays, mine and Andrew's office ends up being a cafe across the street from our son Jack , who goes to Montessori 2 mornings, twice a week.  I actually look forward to this hour drive because I get to work out of a different environment than the one I'm used to plus t's amazing what a time deadline will do to your productivity!

Anyways, needless to say we skipped that this morning and so all of us are hanging out, typing on our laptops and hanging out in our planning room.

Today we are right in the middle of the beginning of the year rush!  I LOVE IT!

Having been in the home business industry for 10 years I love this time of year…people are wanting to start anew, people are flooding into the home business industry looking for a chance to create a different life.

I love being able to help people get there which brings me to my “RANT” of the day.

Over the last few days I have done several signups into my primary business and you can be sure as heck, that I will be there to support my team!

Just yesterday, I had several calls from people who were trying to figure out what to do because they had no sponsor to speak of or their sponsors were actually stealing leads from them!   How crazy is that.  So what is the answer, when you are choosing a business, make sure you are choosing your sponsor too!

In the next few days, I am going to be posting a video that will go indepth on “how to choose a mentor” but in the meantime, take a look at the video below.

People's success and failure is largely dependent on the support people get and how knowledgeable their sponsor is.

If you have that, a good company and the DEDICATION and COMMITMENT to succeed, nothing can stop you!

Enjoy the video and let me know, do you agree with me?





Happy 2012!

Happy 2012!

What to say…

When I decided to write the Mama Networker blog which honestly was only about a week ago, I just really wanted to have a place to talk about my own experiences of being a  mother to my 3 year old son, a full time networker and internet marketer, and what it's like to strike a balance.

So today, I find myself writing my first post on the 1st of a brand new year, while my son throws dixie cups that I use for my challenge parties all over the floor (don't worry, I don't re-use them, haha!)



Taking a moment to be reflective, I have been truly blessed that since 2001 I have never held a traditional job.  In fact, I have always worked for myself, and have been successful beyond what I ever imagined.

Working from home is all my husband and I know.  We can't even imagine another life.

So today, I took a picture of both Andrew – my husband, and Jack – my son, curled up on the couch, taking a nap.



This picture epitomizes the reason why I work from home as it gives me the Andrew the ability to be with Jack whenever we choose.

It is having THIS choice that fuels me to work hard, to continue to build passive income and to continue to give back to other networkers, so that they too, can have the options to choose what they want to do with their days.

So to sum up what I'm feeling today is simply this — 2012 will be what you make of it.  Fortune favors the bold.  Decide this year that you will do what ever it takes to make your dreams happen.  The life I live is my dream, what is yours?