How To Build Wealth In 7 Years

How to build REAL wealth – that kind of Generational Wealth that you should be leaving as your legacy… Can happen in just 7 years.

Watch this video now:

Let me know if you're committed to change your financial future in the next 7 years:

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  1. Hi,

    Meaning no disrespect but doesn’t everyone have “the secret” to a better life? How do we decide who really knows this secret?


    • I’m not sure everyone does. There are a lot of people who have no problems making claims that don’t work. I cannot do that. Part of the answer means trusting your decision and what you feel about the integrity of the messages you hear.

  2. I want to be a ground zero person who has never had online success, but am ready to build a business, build wealth and follow directions of leaders.

  3. Marcos Figueroa says:

    Yes, I am watching the video to see new ways of generating income and also have freedom from a 9 to 5 schedule. i had a traditional job for over thirty years and I am retired with a pension. the pension is okay but i do not have the freedom to help others and travel like i used to do. so I took a part time job for supplemental income but i find myself losing my freedom for a dollar. I know there are other ways so I am looking at my options.

  4. Andrew,
    I have follow you and Marie for about 7 years. You and Marie are the real deal. Count me in on your mission to help people create wealth in 7 years.
    Rolando Gonzalez

  5. Marcos Figueroa says:

    I have seen your video and would like an opportunity to get in at the start of your new business. I will look out for the link to the webinar.

  6. Seven is The Lord ‘s # the year of jubilee .Andrew and Marie I so need this I’m tired of not having enough all the time . So count me in.

  7. I’ll come back Monday to check out what your are doing next. I have a very simple but hard to pass test for what kind of business I’m willing to do. I’ll do a business to make wealth in 7 years as long as it doesn’t put 7 x 700 more people in financial jeopardy to make that compensation like most companies do.

  8. I’m in sounds exciting,seriously want to know more, you guys are the real deal.please keep us updated

    • Thanks for your comment Paul! I’m glad you’re excited -- we are too! This is going to be an amazing journey and can’t wait to share it with all of you…We are sending the webinar link as I type, be sure to look out for it!

  9. Steve Baitinger says:


    Been receiving your messages for a while now. I have been hesitant to contact you because I
    don’t have any marketing experience nor much cash. So my question is, would this be something
    for a new person to get into? Like a lot of people I am in kind of a financial bind, but would have
    a little money to do something. Thanks so much for your time.


    • Hi Steve, I appreciate you reaching out. I really believe the if a person has the desire to create something, even if you don’t have the experience, you will find your way and acquire the skill set you need to reach your goals. As I’ve said before, when Andrew and I started in this industry we had zero experience, no money and a lot of people in our ears who said we couldn’t do it. The one thing we did have though was persistence. We knew it was working for other people and so we knew it could work for us…we just had to figure out our own path. To answer your question, yes this is something that a new person can get into and I know that with the right support and mentoring, people do well. Our newest video about creating residual income is being sent out as I write this and I think it is extremely powerful. Look out for the email which also includes the link to the webinar for our launch on Wednesday. I think that when you see what we are doing, you’ll understand why this is truly an amazing vehicle for people to change their lives and why we’re excited. That being said, I really appreciate you coming and out contacting us despite your hesitation. You really can do anything you want in life, you just need to have the desire. Andrew and I started out in situation much like yours right now and I know that anyone replicate our success. If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask 🙂

    • Yes, Steve. A new person can succeed in this.

  10. Hola amigos! I want to be part of ur 7 years movement. Well, i m already 7 years behind. Ignorance n procrastination = failure. I just want to have enought …to have the freedom to do whatever I want . Such as traveling often to my island PR. Where its the webinar link?

    • Hi Joany, thank you for taking the time to comment! It is never too late and the best part is that you can always start from where you are right now! I truly believe in the 7 years to wealth movement and I’m thrilled you want to be a part of it. Again, make money now but our goal is to help you get the long term vision to create an incredible income NOW and turn that into true wealth in 7 years. As I write this Andrew has just sent out an email with our video on residual income that includes the link to our webinar on Wednesday. Look out for it because it has some truly amazing stuff that we are so excited to share with you!

  11. Ray Lanfear says:

    I have known Andrew and Marie for many years . Let me assure you, they will help you achieve your goals in life. They are simply one amazing couple dedicated to helping each and every one of you with personal hands on instruction to help you succeed in this business. They are quite simply, professional and of the highest integrity and the best in the business. Let me encourage you to join them, without any reservation.

  12. Steven Benjamin says:

    When do we find out what it is and how much it costs?

  13. steven in utah says:

    love to connect with you and speak personally about life, opportunity, setbacks, etc…. for the last 7 and the NEXT 7..
    Steven in Utah

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