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Essante Organics Review

Essante Organics Review

Essante Organics is a new network marketing company that has a large and growing product base in high-integrity 100% organic and toxic-free products.

What NOBODY Told You About Network Marketing Products:

First off, you have to understand something about network marketing companies.  Often, they have excellent products.  But sometimes they have inferior products.  Network marketing is a great distribution model for a company because it has low risks.  The distribution channel grows naturally.  And some great ideas come out of products developed by network marketing companies.

But in the majority of companies, they deal with the same sort of bait-and-switch as the the health and supplements market.  They sell by name dropping, and using inferior formulations because most people can't read labels or understand the science behind them.

They will often mention a hot new ingredient or superfood on the label, but the the amount and the way they process it leaves it virtually useless.

My Story with Essante Organics:

I should let you now that about 8 years ago, I was a hairline away from going to Naturopathic College.  I ended up choosing to become an entrepreneur instead, but I know a ton about the industry.  And my aunt is one of the top Naturopatic doctors in the United States based out of Arizona.

This is the first point about Essante Organics that is head and shoulders above anything else: they have the strongest PRODUCT INTEGRITY I have ever seen in any company.  Period.

They are not one of those companies that “appears” to have clean, non-toxic products, but their products are still laced with parabens, dyes, artificial scents, and foaming agents like sodium laurel sulfate.  I'm trying real hard not to mention names here 🙂

So most companies use, for example, synthetic vitamins or formulations that are less expensive rather than more absorbable. Because they are selling the sizzle at the expense of the customer.  Not Essante.

Let's face it.  Creating products that are 100% organic costs the company more.  And they are willing to get by on lesser margins becasuse they have an ace-in-the-hole.

But we'll get to that in a bit 😉

The Essante Organic Team

EssanteOrganics is based out of Phoenix, Arizona.  I have spoken extensively bith with the owner and the master distributor. Both are accessible over the phone and totally passionate.

Essante currently ships to 38 countries.  So we are probably open wherever you are in the world – but if you want me to check – just ask!

The founder of Essante Organics is Michael Wenniger.  He and his brother were multi-millionaires with a company called NuSkin international.  Since then, he has run other companies and really is at the point where money is MUCH less important than the company vision.

Before Essante Organics, Michael Wenniger, started a company selling all-natural weight loss lollypops and kids vitamin lollypops. (Great way to get vitamins into kids!)  In the last few years, he has sold over 13 Million lollypops.  These have been featured on TV shows and packaged for the celebrity red-carpet goodie bags.

(Michael Wenniger has strong ties to celebrities and he was in a popular rock and roll band in he 80s.)  Celebrities such as  Britney Spears and members of the Sopranos have used these lollipops to lose weight successfully.

Rounding out the executive team is Dr. Jonathan Levine (President) and Angie Levine (Chief Marketing Officer).

Really, that means nothing until you talk to them – and can get a feel for their motivations and integrity.  I was impressed when I could get a hold of them – and with the answers they gave me to the tough questions I asked.

Essante Organics Product Line:

They are all 100% organic (if organic is available.)  If not, they are wold grown.

They ONLY provide ingredients which are:

100% Certified Organic by the NOP (National Organic Program)
100% Certified Organic by the NSF (National Science Foundation)
100% Certified Toxic Free by the TFF (Toxic Free Foundation) &/or
100% Certified Eco Cert (Certification For Sustainable Development)

The ONLY exception is the popular lollypops which contain some non-GMO high-grade corn syrop.  They have plans to reformulate these using products in line with the Essante mission.

Some of the products also are Alkaline on the PH scale.  My extensive background in health has some benefits!  Most diseases are caused by an acidic foods – and most people don't know this.  I won't go into all the research here, but I'll show you some links if you ask.

Essante Organics product line includes:

  • weight loss
  • alkalizing products
  • personal care
  • household
  • baby products
  • essential oils
  • other health products
  • anti-aging

Essante Organics already has over 60 products, and over 200 products already developed and ready to be released slowly into the marketplace.

Essante will become the largest 100% non-toxic and organic catalog company.  And we are in at the ground floor!

Essante Organics Compensation Plan:

The plan is a non-flushing binary.  With a 100% check match once you hit Platinum.

Binary comp plans are the MOST fair plans.  You don't need to build 3 or 6 or 12 legs!

Also, your volume never flushes, so you never get penalized.

The compensation plan – when I first saw it – seemed very simple.  And I realized that the more complicated a compensation plan has to be – it's basically just the company trying to figure out ways NOT to pay you.

There are 6 ways to earn:

  1. Thirty percent (30%) on all retail sales.
  2. Earn enroller bonus $50 or $100 on enrollment of a Fast Start Pak.
  3. Ten percent (10%) on team volume sales – 5% on each leg to the lowest leg volume.
  4. Gold Bonus – Maintain the level of Gold for 3 months and you get a $500 bonus.
  5. Check Match  – This is super-powerful and creates REAL residual income. Earn 25% team volume check match on all personally sponsored people as a Silver, 50% as a Gold and 100% as a Platinum.
  6. Expansion Race – As each company opens, the first 50 people to have $50K in volume on each leg, will get a “lifetime” 1% of commissionable sales divided amongst only 50 people.

Executives get paid weekly. Commission payments are currently done via check in the mail.  I LOVE getting checks in the mail!

Here is the full Compensation Plan Overview:

I really like how easy some of the levels are to achieve.  It's simple.  Do-able by the average Mommy or Stay-At-Home Dad.

There just aren't any tricks.

Final Thoughts About Essante Organics:

The marketing tools are weak.  It's a young company – and it you want to make money, you want to get in early.  Better tools will be developed.  In fact, I'm working on a webinar right now exclusively for our team.

The trend is organic.  Organic spending – even during the recession – is growing.  And it's one of the few industries that is going to continue to explode.

When my son got sick, there are no alternatives.  I spent thousands of dollars doing tests and flying across North America to see special doctors.  I make NO compromises for my family and my health.

Essante is a solid company, but untested.





Work from Home Nova Scotia

Work From Home: Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia is known as Canada's Ocean Playground, for many it is either their way to make a living to support their families or  used for recreation. (1)  Fishbuilding, Shipbuilding, defense and international commerce have always been central to the economy of Nova Scotia. (2) While some of the world's largest companies are located here, business has changed and this province is reaping the benefits of that change, where people, who are becoming resourceful are moving into a different direction than the typical 9 to 5 daily office routine.  For many it is as simple as getting out of bed and a few steps into their home office.

Are there legitimate Work From Home Opportunities in Nova Scotia?

When you think of the words “work at home Nova Scotia” it brings to mind a couple who live in this beautiful Canadian province,  Andrew Murray and Marie Torres, known to many as “The Marketing Couple.”  Andrew and Marie began their journey over ten years ago, right out of college. Originally Marie was going to be a lawyer and Andrew a professor, however they realized they enjoyed the way they were living their life together and decided to work for themselves. Their ultimate goal was to make a five figure monthly income right out of their home. Now lets face it that seems almost impossible for someone just getting out of college.  However, impossible is not a word you will find in Andrew or Maria's vocabulary.

Now when they first started, they had no money, however they decided that it was more important to give up in the short term to have for the long term.  It took a lot of hard work and determination to go from making nothing per month to a five or six figure income. For instance while they loved hockey they gave it up and spent that time working on their business and educating themselves along the way.  Andrew and Maria began to work with a couple of mentors who showed them that Entrepreneurship was a direct path to their future. It had all of the elements, large income, and flexibility and this was the way they wanted to live.

At the young age of twenty eight, Andrew and Maria became the top producers in their direct sales company, where they officially became known as “The Marketing Couple” and had become multiple 6 figure income earners, earning a quarter of a million dollars in 15 months. They began to work full time from home in 2004 consistently bringing home a six figure income every month, not bad for just hanging out at home.


  • Top  producers in every company they have built
  • Top Affiliates training entrepreneurs not just locally but on an international level
  • Considered to be one of the most successful young couples in the MLM and Direct  Sales

Marketing Industry

  • Creators of a popular MLM Blueprints
  • Team Zeus, an Award-Winning Network Marketing Training Center founded by Andrew

and Marie

  • Top Wealth Masters International Marketing Leader
  • Train on an International Stage
  • Speaking on the same stage as Mark Victor Hansen (Chicken Soup for the Soul)
  • Creating Weekly Webinars
  • 2 times Gold Sales Winner for the most sales in their company
  • 2009 Peak Performer Award
  • Andrew and Marie had the most Team Members Awards of any team in their company
  • PPC Expert
  • Endorsed by Mike Dillard exemplifying the “Magnetic Sponsoring” system he teaches
  • Created their own Information Products

They both feel blessed to be able to work at home, spending time as a family and living in such a wonderful place as Nova Scotia.  While they could have kept all of this knowledge to themselves, they wanted to reach out to others and help them succeed also.  According to Andrew and Maria, “But Maria and I truly, passionately love helping other people succeed.”

Andrew and Maria began a journey over a decade ago and continue on it today.  You see they continue to excel in every area they set their minds to, they have not learned the phrase, “I can't,'  It is truly that entrepreneurial spirit; their passion to live life to it's fullest and of course hard work that has brought them this far and who  knows just how far it will take them.

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