Top Rank in Visalus [PROOF]

Top Rank in Visalus [PROOF]

Hey y'all!

It's Marie here and just wanted to share a little joy with all of you.

Just got  message in Facebook from our upline that we are as of right NOW, the #1 Ambassador in ALL of Visalus!

But the best part, our personal team members are taking the #1 spots too in their rank!

Woot! Woot!

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Jillian Chase Review

Jillian Chase Review

What is Jillian Chase

Jillian Chase is a company by Mary K. Dyas. The company makes monogrammed crystal gifts. Dyas started the company because of her love for glassware and crystal. Dyas also says she started the company because people seemed enthused about her going to get togethers and parties and selling her crystals as gifts. Dyas named the company Jillian Chase because Chase was a name of a family member while Jillian sounded like a fun name.

The Products of Jillian Chase

The company has many different products. Jillian Chase has wine boutique products, which include flutes, wine decanters, stemless wines, marta and simplicity. Chase also has barware items which include big chill, martinis, inspiration, medley, shot glasses, decanter and square one. Beer mugs, beer stems, beer glasses and macro brews are all beer related items that the company also has for sale. The company also has coffee related items as well as serving pieces such as pitchers, water sets, desserts sets, snack bowls and chip N dip bowls. Home and office products include vases, bud vases, desk items, picture frames, cache boxes, ornaments and paperweights. All of the products that the company has to offer are all high quality, affordable and they really sell themselves because of how great the products are made.

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The Jillian Chase Company

Jillian Chase is a rather affordable business opportunity to get into. A starter kit must be purchased first. The starter kit costs around a hundred and fifty dollars. The kit includes one serving tray, one snack bowl and ten simplicity wines. All of the items in the starter kit comes personalized with the consultant's own monogram, which makes them ready to bring to a party. Chase's product line is unique, which makes the products easier to sell than other home based businesses that require people to sell products. Chase's products are not only good to sell at parties but they can also be sold at birthday parties, holidays and gift giving seasons such as Christmas, Easter and other gift giving holidays.

The Jillian Chase Compensation Plan

Consultants have five different ways of making money. Jillian Chase has a very generous compensation plan. Consultants make money on retail product sales, power seller bonus, mentor bonus, advancement bonuses and residual overrides. A consultant makes money when they sell products directly to customers. When a consultant sells directly to a customer who buys directly from the company, they will get 25% profit off of a sale that is produced through a retail sale.

A power seller bonus is when a consultant sells a larger-than-average amount of items to their own clients. The consultant will receive their retail profit but will also receive a 3% bonus of the total sale price on a monthly volume of three thousand dollars and up, as well as 5% on orders that are five thousand dollars or more. Power sellers can end up earning a very large income on a monthly basis, thanks to the bonuses that are given to them on a monthly basis, if they reach the bonus requirements previously listed.
Another great way to earn money is through the mentor bonus program. A consultant becomes a sponsor when they get a person to become a consultant with Jillian Chase. Once their recruit joins the team, the sponsor will be able to earn a mentor bonus. This is possible if the recruit is able to sell the products. When a recruit sells products, the sponsor will make 5% of the sales made by their recruit. This is only for the first 90 days though. The earning potential is huge because if a consultant is able to get five people to join the company and they end up selling hundreds of dollars worth of items, they will earn 5% on all the sales. It is easy to see how the mentor bonus is a great way to earn a great income with the company.
Consultants also have the chance to earn money from advancement bonuses. This is a very great way to earn some real money with the company. Jillian Chase offers three different types of advancement bonuses. The bonuses are designed to reward consultants who move up in rank.

A consultant who gets to rank 2 within the company will receive $100, and when they reach rank 3 they will end up getting $150, and then double for advancements that take place during the period that is consider the Fast Start Period. This means that there is a total of $500 in bonuses to be earned at rank 2 and 3. With a little bit of hard work it is quite easy to get to rank 2 and 3 in a short amount of time. A person can reach rank 3 within a few short weeks, maybe even sooner. It all depends on how hard they are willing to work.
Jillian Chase also offer a group manager advancement. When a consultant becomes a group manager, then they will get $500 upon becoming a group manager. A consultant becomes a group manager after rank 3. Becoming a group manager is not the easiest rank to achieve but it is very possible to reach the rank for people who are ready to work hard and set goals to achieve on a daily or weekly basis.

Residual overrides are a way for consultants to build a wealth of money that is for the long-term. There are three types of overrides to strive for, which means consultants have more chances of earning some real long-term income with the company.
Level overrides are already determined by ranks. This type of override pays a certain percentage on sales that down lines make. A consultant can earn up to 5% on sales made through two levels of down lines. This is why it is important for a consultant to try and build a big down line.

Group managers can qualify for a group volume override. If they qualify, they can get 2% override on their own sales as well as on their very own group.

Group managers can also qualify for generation overrides. If they are able to qualify, then they will be able to receive up to 4% overrides on generations below them. This allows people who are top ranked to receive money on volume that goes very deep into the company.

It is easy to get parties and other types of events. This business opportunity is one of the best business opportunities to get involved with. Jillian Chase is a good business to get into. It is unique and the compensation plan is more than generous.