The Story Of Us

How We Became Successful In This Industry

The no-hype, full story of how we went from broke to multiple-six figure earners in the network marketing industry.

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  1. Andrew and Marie, thank you so much for sharing and allowing us into your homes and hearts. It really helped me refocus on my dreams and believe that my decision to do this business is the best one I’ve made and I want more than ever to make it happen for me and my family. TTO. (-:

  2. Michelle says:

    great story! awesome!

  3. Congrats 4 staying focus and achieving Ur new found success…. !!! When Andrew get time elaborate more on how my wife and I can be apart of Ur elite program and visalus

  4. Thanks for sharing your experiences. Most people can relate to you as a young couple. Jack is precious -- what wonderful memories of him. You’re very inspiring for others in elevating their lives and prosperity. Visited Panama on a QE-2 cruise and it was amazing going through the locks. We had the privilege of dining with a number of people that had gone around the world numerous times. They were from different parts of the world and it was a real treat getting to know them. My favorite spot was Cabo San Lucas -- beautiful blue water.

  5. looking forward to learning the next few weeks thank you. Biggest thing I need to learn is how to drive traffic to my site I’ve tried solo ads, fiverr and few other ways without success 🙁 I’m trying webfire and its somewhat confusing as I am new to all this stuff.

  6. Joyce Weiss says:

    Inspiring, nice to see how you are enjoying your life!

  7. Amy Chapdelaine says:

    Thanks for sharing that!

  8. Excellent story for sure!!! Your dad was right for a job only means just over broke. We work hard but don’t make enough to take care of everything. Great to see you got a partner that loves the same thing you do that is a blessing within itself. I am lot older but I am still not giving up the dream of working for myself.

    Let me share a piece of my story .. never give up hope .. I have started my own virtual wedding & event planning business with travel after a year of tragedies with almost losing my sister who was in a coma with many surgeries and brain damage. The doctors thought she would never come out but my faith told me different and I refuse to accept the doctor report. She did come out the coma doing well still with some memory loss and totally in a different consciousness. So I did lose the sister I remember but I am grateful she is still here. A month after my sister came out of the coma her family had to be confronted with a loss of a son a month later. Along with that lost came a total of over 5 plus family one after another in the same year.
    It was the lost of my nephew my closest friend and who I loved like a son that I vow to live my life daily. To live in the NOW- do something that I want for me since I am always doing for everyone else and to make the day matter. So I began putting together my soon to be empire -- which as a single mom means a great deal to me that I can leave a legacy for my family.
    I am sharing some of my story because I want to always remember how valuable the moments are in all our lives and to never give up on the dreams no matter how things may look. It may not prosper today but guess what as long as I/we stick with it -- the right mentor and the right solution will come. I came upon some great information not long as and have been applying a lot of changes in the way I am doing things and I am hoping that Marie and Andrew would be that opening to the missing link.

    For we all have the outline but just need to bring it all together ..

  9. Hi Marie , I truly love Andrew and your honesty thank you so much , I am now a dedicated follower, can’t wait to start my training!


  11. David (Dave) Winch says:

    Andrew and Marie, well I thought I was pumped prior to watching this…

    Just partnered with you guy’s “Business in a Box” promo, and have started the 60 day training…

    2014 is going to be huge or huge… 2 great choices hey?

    Thanks so much to the real deal mentors 🙂

    David (Dave) Winch

  12. That is an incredible story, I hope to have a story like that some day. But I am excited to be in your DSD Team because I know that I’m going to learn from the best in this industry.

  13. Inspiring story… it’s really awesome and refreshing to see this! 🙂



  14. I am on disability and I am middle aged(52) feeling it too. I have been suffering to build a online business for six years now. I have made some progress but I am not making much money at all for all the time and daily effort. I have committed to it already. I just am getting tired of trying because of the lack of income. I am burning out. And I am way over working myself with this venture; as I thought I would have people (family members) under me by now. Doing all the stuff I need to do daily to keep my ranking low. I just can’t pay anything yet and they need to be paid. I want to create my own products. I have a two Kindle books I just placed, plus a few Chap books [3] @ that can be order Online. And I have the usual stuff ie. Adsense, Affiliations, click sure, click bank, Amazon and the like. I had a MLM Vemma that I had to back out of because of my finances. That were cut into thirds with me receiving one share of. I know It can be done! I see people like Andrew and You who have made it or are making it. I just am lacking something that I can’t see or connect with yet. I need a few good mentors so I can pick there brains. My Pen Name is Sinbad the Sailor Man I have built a little group of Web-properties to create traffic and it works as long as I work but still very little, very little income. I need help and I want it badly. Thanks for offering It the help I appreciate it.

    Donald Beres Jr.
    Donnie/ Sinbad the Sailor Man
    @ Poetry Writes & Other Stuff from Sinbad the Sailor Man or PW&OSfStSM

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