Thirty One Gifts Review

Thirty One Gifts Review

Thirty One Gifts Overview

Thirtyone Gifts is a handbag company started by Cindy Monroe in 2003. It is a home-party business, dominated by smart, sharp, entrepreneurial women, and founded on the principle that say-at-home Mom's should be able to raise their kids – and have time at home with them.

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How Thirty One Got Started

Cindy Monroe started Thirty-One gifts because she wanted a business that doesn’t take away the time for her family. She left her corporate job – which was sucking the life and time away from her family, and started MyThirtyOne in a basement sewing purses with a single sewing machine.

Thirty One Gifts is a faith-based company whose name comes from the bible – Proverbs 31.

The My Thirty One Product Line

Thirty One uses the network marketing distribution model to promote and sell their products. Its product lines include a number of economical and stylish women’s purses, backpacks, totes and other items for both practical and specialized purposes.

Their core product line is handbags.

thirtyonegifts handbags

(And what women doesn't love a great handbag?)

Thirty One has products targeted at different age group. They have the MyThirtyOne “Directions” line that is intended for teenage girls. Products for that line include casual purses, armbands for iPods, messenger bags, and other things that teenagers need to “keep cool, Mom!”

But their core line are products for sophisticated women which are typical bags that have good style and form.
ThirtyOne prides itself on creating handbags that are affordable, easy to get, highly stylish and good quality.

The Thirty One Compensation Plan

In order to earn income with My Thirty One, you need to become a Thirty One consultant. The ThirtyOne Consultant startup kit costs $99.

For every product sold, a consultant earns a commission of 25%.

Thirty One Consultants are provided with supplies, tools and trainings. These all promote having home parties as the primary marketing method – which might seem odd for women coming from a high-powered corporate background.

Consultants also get pretty nice discounts on all the products as well as bonuses and travel benefits. These incentives increase as you create more sales volume for the company.

Aside from being a consultant, you may also become a hostess. As explained in one Thirty One review, hostesses are women who open their homes to host parties – and invite their friends for a handbag party, where the products are promoted and purchased. Hostesses earn 15% of the amount of products sold in addition to the 10% hostess discount and free shipping if they sell between $500 and $749.

Percentages increase if they sell more than $750 in some situations.

Problems With My Thirty One

Handbags while appealing, are unable to produce recurring income. Yes, you may buy more than one handbag, but it's not something that people need to keep buying over and over. And the 25% commission is not enough to produce a solid income for the new person getting started.

I have spoken to Thirty One consultants who have built up teams, and they are not making enough to support themselves financially. Thirty One has quotas, and they can strip your downline from you if you miss certain monthly quotas. And handbags are not something people need to buy – so consultants often hit quota issues. This is not the ideal Thirty One career I think you want.

Also, since these handbags are higher priced that what is available in the stores, it's not a great product for a down economy.

The Dark(er) Side of My Thirty One

The real problem I have with my Thirty One is that they do not allow you to mention “Thirty-One” on any blog, website or marketing funnel. If you are doing business in 2012 without using the leverage you can get on the internet… you just won't keep up with the competition.

But what's worse, is that even though Thirty One will kick somebody out of the company for such marketing violations, friends of the founder, like Team Hildenburg are allowed to stay on the internet in full violation of these rules – note the hypocrisy.

My advice is if you are a strong, independent woman, and want to create a better, more stable residual income stream online, I would look at this webinar instead.


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  1. Thanks for your post Mama!

    I’m an Independent Consultant for Thirty-One gifts!

    I love the product, believe in the company and love my team!

  2. Samantha Shreve says

    I am a Thirty-one Consultant and I absolutely love the product and the company. They stand for great things, and I am all for it! Not being able to post the name doesn’t affect my business, and it doesn’t bother me. Thirty-one has to be careful to protect their name to their beliefs just as anyone else does. Thirty-one is a wonderful opportunity for moms everywhere to make extra money for their family! I’m buying a new car and Thirty-one will be the reason why!
    Thanks Thirty-one!!!!!

  3. It’s a good post.

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  5. Based on my personal experience as an Executive Director with Thirty-One Gifts it does not sound like you are too familiar with our products, compensation plan or consultant guidelines based on your commentary… however you are entitled to your opinion and sharing it how you wish. I quit my FT job 2 years ago when my thirty-one paychecks started getting BIGGER than the ones from my 8-5 job! I have a $2,000 gift card to Disney World I earned and just took my 2nd ALL EXPENSE PAID vacation for me and a guest to the Moon Palace for 8 days! I didn’t do anything “special” to get these, I just did my “job” and was rewarded for it. I have several successful women on my team who have helped me get to where I am today! Thirty-one is the BEST company I have ever worked with and the compensation truthfully is unbelievable!!!!!!

    • Hi Julia,

      I’ve compared the average revenue per distributor to several companies. If you wouldn’t mind sharing, how many personal reps and how large of a team did you build to surpass your income? Congrats on your success by the way! I’m all for empowering women to stay home full-time!

  6. nichole stevens says

    Horrible quality for thirty-one Production cost! Openly made in china. Don’t waste your time with this company.

  7. You can mention it on a website, but if you include your opinion you must state that it’s your own and not the company. You also cannot use the trademarked company name in the name of your blog. For instance, is unacceptable. However, Team Hillenburg’s website is acceptable because it does not have the name of the company in it. Furthermore, there are no “monthly quotas” and I’ve never heard of someone not being paid for the orders they input; although You can become inactive if you go 3 months without in putting $200 in personal volume. Avon, Mary Kay, Pampered Chef, Scentsy, and Tupperware all have requirements to stay active. Or maybe I am unable to understand your statement about stripping “downline from you if you miss certain monthly quotas.” And I do believe the company sells more than just handbags.

    • Thanks for clarifing some of that up. I heard differently about the blogs from a rep who tried to create an online presence and was upset about it. They because a customer of our marketing course:

      Of course, if I were in 31 Gifts, I would create a blind funnel -- meaning that the person opt-ing in would not know it was 31 until they opt-ed in. But I think it’s a mistake to prevent distributors from being able to promote the company opening online.

  8. Michelle Lagtu says

    Do you have the Thirty One Gifts total number of consultants as of today?

  9. I have purchased a diaper bag, a purse, a large tote, and a roll up blanket from Thirty One. Although their items are more expensive than what you would find at your local Target, I thought I was paying for products made in the USA (as the company is based in Ohio). Now that I know the products are made in China, I will not be purchasing anything else from them. It’s shocking to me that this company would use Biblical support (Proverbs 31) as their backbone while having their items produced in China. It’s very sad.

    • Tyler, what does having biblical principals and having your products made in China have anything to do with anything? You can’t be a Christian and have Chinese employees?? Your statement sounds discriminating and unchristian. Just because their products are made in China does not mean that 31 does not have them use quality material- you liked it and bought it till you found out…

      • probably child labor…and if they don’t use child labor to help them earn profits, I’m sure they are paying WOMEN…and men ****relatively nothing*** you know, slave wages, to produce those expensive items. Hobby Lobby does the same thing… . If you care anything about the well-being of others…besides white American Mothers, you’ll care about how other people are treated.

    • I don’t understand. I bet Jesus loves people in China also.

    • Shabby chic girl says

      What does Biblical have to do with how where they are made? Did you know that all Coach bags are also made in China? But people still pay hundreds of dollars for them everyday.

      • Some goods from China are well-made, but I have heard from multiple sources that some of the Thirty-One bags have had quality issues. I’m sure most of them are just fine.

  10. I think it sucks that 31 is made in china. They started it in America and sold out quality for cheapo chinese crap. Will not buy. do not support made in china.

  11. I'm Glad My Wife Lost Her Team says

    My wife received a phone call from the main office today and was told that she was losing her team. She submitted a order for a non-profit organization used as a fundraiser. She has submitted two orders in the past year. She was told today that the order would not qualify as a non-profit and she would no longer be a director. She also has to contact each person who purchased items and tell them they have to pay more money to cover the taxes. If that doesn’t get done I guess we will be responsible for the taxes. The income was nice when she received it, but it was not consistent. I feel bad for my wife that she is losing her team, because I know how much work she put in. But I am glad she will no longer be part of an organization that is not the same it was when she started.

  12. Awsome site! I am loving it!! Will come back again. I am taking your feeds also.

  13. Search ebay and you can find “defect” thirty one bags made in China. The large utility tote is called a laundry tote over there. I’m disappointed also that the product is made in China. I just signed up (before knowing all this) and now going to quit and try to return my kit. Support USA!

    • We’re you able to return your kit and get your money back?

    • I think the Large Utility Tote is perfect for laundry! That’s what my Mom uses it for when they travel, since it “folds” down to practically nothing it fits in her suit case perfectly.
      I am disappointed it’s made in China, but like others have said, there’s nothing unchristian about having items made in China.
      Every product will have a flaw…no one’s perfect! That’s why they have a 90-day defect return policy (as all companies should have).
      Thank you for all your posts! It’s been great to hear everyone’s opinions and experiences with Thirty-One Gifts. Good and bad, it’s all good advise.

      • I’m not familiar with the Thirty-One Gifts Large Utility Tote. Do you have a link?

        I’m not sure why everyone is complaining about The Thirty One Gifts products being made in China? There is a lot of things that are made in China that people who complain about that use everyday.

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