Daily Activities

So I just did a webinar the other night on “daily activity.”

It’s a actually a question I get really often and I thought I’d talk about it today.

When you are building a network marketing business, it it all about relationships which means building relationships is your main money making activity.

So how do you do that?

You find people to talk to, and you do it quickly!

Are you doing the right daily activities?

Epic 2018 Summer Road Trip

Epic 2018 Summer Road Trip

Hi All,

As we get ready for our 90 day blitz that will take us into the Holiday season, I wanted to share the blog post that the hubby wrote about our epic, almost month long road trip.

Read it here…

It was an awesome time as we travelled through Maine, Pennsylvania, New York and Toronto eating and having lots of fun!

Check out the happenings here and don’t forget to come back.

In the next few days as we are going to break down the 90 day blitz where we are going to help more of our students get more leads, make more sales and create time, location and money freedom.

Who couldn’t use that?! 🙂



If you want to know more about how we

work, parent-preneur, homeschool and create work/life balance…

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The information in this Masterclass changed our lives, it can change your too!


Your truly and the my boys in front of the CN Tower.

A Day In The Life

A Day In The Life

Today, I wanted to share with you what a day in the life of a couple of internet marketers from Canada looks like 🙂

From our perspective, the money our online business creates is amazing, but the real treasure is how we’ve been able to spend most of our days enjoying our boys.  It’s because of our passive income systems that we can live life without the constraint of worrying about money or having a traditional job.

So below is a typical day for us (which I realize is quite the anomaly) in a world where everyone is busy rushing from one place to the next.

Andrew and I are well aware of our blessing…

A Day In The Life

So everyday the kids get up and play for a bit (if you know our boys, you know each one will have a soccer ball within minutes of waking up – yes, even the one year old!) while we make breakfast.

If you watched the Masterclass you’ll know that Andrew and I homeschool our 8 year old and have a 1 year old who just likes to hang out with his parents and older bro!  

So because we work from home and homeschool, we have the amazing opportunity to pad around the house in our jammies and breakfast is usually long and leisurely.  None of us get up to an alarm and the day starts off relaxed which is how I want my kids to experience the world.  

Andrew usually makes some type of gorgeous frittata in the morning using farm fresh eggs and we’ll have that with bacon (yes!), homefries, tomatoes and of course some BulletProof coffee!  

And if Andrew doesn’t make the eggs, we have an 8 year old resident chef (Jack) who loves to cook!  His breakfast specialties include omelets and poached eggs!


After breakfast, the kids played a little more and today we did some schoolwork with Jack curled up on the couch.  We started exploring this amazing book called, ”The Atlas of Adventures” which I absolutely love!  It was an awesome find at our local library.

Atlas of Adventures, homeschool

Atlas of Adventures.

Speaking of library, next on the agenda is a library visit.  Andrew hopped in the car with the boys to go down the mountain while I stayed home to write a few emails, including this blog post.   We just recently bought a house on top of a mountain right on the ocean – the sunsets are AMAZING!  Check out the sunset below!

Jack and friends. Sunset on the shore.

Jack loves the library and picked out more books for the week which undoubtedly included some Pokemon Manga.

Henry at the library, despite our urgings to pick out a few books of his own, just runs around!  No one at the library minds though; we live in a very small community and people just smile and talk to him, I guess they know containing a one year old is no small feat!  

Of course, better than running around in a quiet library, I got a text from Andrew saying he took the boys to the park.  It’s a beautiful Spring day and the boys ran around to burn off some steam.

On the way home, Andrew picked up a few groceries including some organic avocados for a fresh tuna, cucumber and avocado salad that I am trying for the first time.

From there, Henry naps (yay!)  Andrew checks in and works for a couple of hours and Jack will work on his schoolwork for a little.  

Tonight after an early supper we end up taking a walk on the shore, and then are off to soccer tryouts this evening for Jack (Update: Jack made the tier 1 rep team!) 

On the shore.

And that’s pretty much a typical day!

After getting back home, and after their nightly routines we curl up with the boys for a little before we put them to bed.


What I love about our days is the flexibility and yet we have the ability to provide much more than I ever thought possible because of our online business.

Now the above is what a typical day looks like, it might be different from yours if you were to grow your passive income streams, but what I want you to take away from this blog post is the feeling of “freedom.”

Our day was relaxed, filled with laughter and wonderment watching our kids explore the world.

Yes, we sprinkled a couple of hours of work in there but for the most part, we were with our kids, had meals made from scratch, and took the time to do things that are enjoyable to us and feeds our soul. Plus it’s a Tuesday, LOL (a day where most people are just getting started in the week and are already longing for the weekend!)

Years ago we decided that we were going to put it in the work and we bought into the vision that life is what we make it.  

This is what we wanted from our lives, and it’s now our reality.

I want you, to make your dreams a reality as well.

If you haven’t yet watched the Masterclass, watch it nowIt will show you how we made this all happen, including how you can start making $1000 a day, starting this week.


Once you’re done watching the Masterclass, email or call me with your questions.  


I’m happy to help and connect with you.  One of the things that brings me the greatest joy in life (other than my most awesome husband and kids) is to be able to help other entrepreneurs like yourself figure out your true path to freedom.  

Marie Torres  


A New Year Is Upon Us

A New Year Is Upon Us

Wow, it’s been a long time.  Over a year at least since I posted anything on my blog.

Actually, it’s the first time I’m posting since our little boy, Henry, was born last year and to be totally honest, I have so much to say, I’m not sure even where to start….

Henry at 10 days old.

If you’ve been following Andrew and I on social media (I post more than he does) you’ll see that our profiles are mainly of our comings and goings with a lot of pictures of the boys.   We haven’t really talked much about work and I know a lot of people have written to us privately, asking us what we were up to (for which I really never had a good answer other than “doing life.”)

Really, we’ve been very quiet.

The Best Way To Explain It…

Not too long ago, a close family friend of ours summed it up: In the past 2 years we have had the most stressful life events happen to us all at once (the death of a parent, the birth of a new baby and a huge move.)

It’s really no wonder that between processing all of that heavily charged emotion that comes in dealing with “life and death,” “love,” “loss,” and the pure chaos of moving that we would end up needing a break; a break to mourn, reflect, recharge, and eventually to gather enough strength to rise up to move forward.

We honestly tried to get back out there but we couldn’t do it; our hearts were broken from losing someone we loved so much.

We were fortunate though because it was our business that allowed us to step away and take the time off we needed.

So What Now?

Well, it’s a new year and with 2017 just on the horizon, Andrew and I have found a new energy and an optimism that we’ve been missing since 2015.

It’s been almost 2 years since we needed to take the time off and 1 year since we were blessed with a new baby boy that brought light into some of our darkest days.


It’s’ funny because in this “social media” driven world (and in our industry especially) we’re made to think that everything is great all the time, and that people don’t struggle.  

But we all do (struggle) at some point or another.   It doesn’t serve anyone to always be looking at everyone else’s lives through this perfect filter.  It’s not real.

That being said, being away from it all gives you a different perspective on things.

For us, it has given us a clarity that we didn’t have before and has made it evident to us what we like about our industry and what we felt we needed to change in order to come back and to continue working.

So over the next week, we are going to be releasing some new videos that contain our own personal insights, as well as to let you know what we’re up to.

We’re pretty excited to share it with you and it’s a project that is close to our hearts that we are going to be working on in 2017.

After removing ourselves for almost 2 years, we’ve come back with a new but different perspective on things.

In the meantime, I wanted to thank you all for the amazing Christmas and Holiday greetings that were sent our way yesterday.  It was so nice to be thought of and we can’t wait to show you what we’ve learned and gotten clarity on in our time away.

Comments on the post?  Yes, please do!  

I’d love to hear from you!

Andrew and I with the boys on Christmas morning! Jack said it was his best Christmas ever!



Canvsly Vs ArtKive Vs Keepy

Canvsly Vs ArtKive Vs Keepy

Roundup: Canvsly Vs ArtKive Vs Keepy

Which iPhone App is best for preserving your kids artwork?  Let’s find out in this roundup.

The presence of smart phone apps for saving your child’s artwork can be an important decision.  If your child is anything like mine, the gems they bring home from school – or make at home are memories we want to keep and collect.

But at the same time, I struggle to keep the volume of stuff – not just art stuff – but stuff in general – down to a minimum in my house.

Having too much physical clutter is just too much.

So the purpose of these apps is to preserve the artwork using a digital record – and allows you to toss the original.

This is especially important for big, bulky projects, like those made on paper plates, or with Popsicle sticks, for example, that you can’t fit flat inside a filing cabinet.

Smart Phones App for Kids 1: Canvsly

canvsly review


Canvsly is an App dedicated to the purpose of preserving handicrafts and personal creations of your children though digital means. Canvsly is essentially an organizing platform for storing and sharing pictures of the cool stuff that your children have made, but it comes with a few more excellent features packed inside the box. Foremost, there is a separate folder to store pictures of handicrafts of each child in the household. Each picture is stored appropriate to its actual theme or background, for example, schoolwork handicrafts are organized into the schoolwork folder.

A great feature about Canvsly is that it allows groups of parents to privately communicate and share the handicrafts of their children with one another, these groups are referred to as Canvsly circles. Sharing support is not limited to its own circle either, it also features option to share pictures and details of child handcrafts on all major social networking platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

The built-in Store inside the app, for a relatively modest price, facilitates high-quality printing of artwork pictures into t-shirts, mugs, banners and other keepsake or gifting items which I think is pretty cool – grandparents love it!  It is also possible to have an entire album of all your kid’s handicrafts printed.

canvsly app review canvasly

Smart Phones App for Kids 2: ArtKive

artkive review

ArtKive is an App that offers a complete solution for safekeeping all handicrafts that children create at home, or bring home from their schools. It allows you to take high quality pictures and store them inside a secure, private setting where they can be preserved for essentially an eternity.

ArtKive facilitates sharing the pictures of child handicrafts on all major social networking platforms as well as its own ‘Museum’, which is a public collection of children handiworks and drawing pictures contributed by parents from all around the world. It is also possible to share pictures directly with other parents, friends and family members using ArtKive.

ArtKive first requires purchase before it can be used. Priced at $4.99.

ArtKive is now free!

ArtKive provides the ability to turn the images into a number of different gift and keepsake items, which can be printed at certain costs, the gifts include t-shirts, mugs, mobile covers, pillow covers and many other similar gifts. There are no specific negatives about the functionality of the App itself, the design is intuitive and functions work exceptionally well.

I’m becoming a big fan of ArtKive for a couple of reasons.  They seems to have the best method of allowing you to convert those digial art works into a physical book.  This is awesome for parent, grandparents, and in the future, those kids of yours 😉

artkive app review

Smart Phones App for Kids 3: Keepy

keepy review

Keepy is a tool for effective preservation of all handicrafts made by your children. Keepy is designed to efficiently snap and organize pictures of your child’s drawings, paintings, paper crafts and other cool items. A great feature about Keepy is that the application is designed to accommodate videos, in contrast to the primary market focus being limited to hosting of pictures only.

Each picture, or memory, stored inside Keepy can be attached with a video or text explaining the events in details regarding that memory. The application is designed not only for storing pictures of kid’s handiwork, but also for the entire family. In Keepy, each child and family member receive their own personal folder for media storage.

It is possible to share pictures and videos stored inside Keepy directly to relatives and friends, this can be set to happen automatically whenever any picture is snapped or stored inside Keepy. Furthermore, pictures can also be shared to all major social networks.

Keepy is free of cost to download or use. Keepy also facilitates conversion of pictures directly into gifting or keepsake items, though such service is offered at a price. Albums or individual pictures can also be printed out.  You can upload 5 artworks or videos per month, and if you do more there is a small monthly cost of $2.99 per month or $9.99 per year.

keepy iphone app

These are just three of the best smart phone apps that you can introduce to your kids. These 3 kid-friendly apps are really helpful in developing your kids’ creativity and arts. They have unique features that can make your kids learn something while having some fun!

Which one do you use?  And why?  I’d love to hear your ideas!