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The Fortune Is In The Follow Up

It's funny, when Andrew and I first started in the industry almost 12 years ago, all we heard was “The fortune is in the follow up.”

For awhile we ignored that because the thought of picking up the phone to make the intial call was painful enough, let alone making another call to get the sale.

Well 12 years later and having trained thousands of networkers generically, there has never been a more true statement than the one above.

“The Fortune Is In The Follow Up”

Without the follow up call nothing progresses – you can have no success.

Think about it, the initial call is just the beginning. People need to see things 7-12 times or hear from you 7-12 times before they make a decision. They have to be comfortable enough with you and the product to go ahead and take the plunge and yet most of us just pray that after the intial call, the prospect will be so interested that they'll just join without talking to us again.

If you are going to be successful in this industry, you need to bite the bullet and be systematic about following up.

And follow up needs to be done within 24 hours at the latest.

Think about it, most of the time you are doing some form of interruption marketing – prospecting a person when they least expect it.

Even if they are very interested, people are busy, and if what you are talking about isn't constatly in the forefront of their minds, they'll forget and you'll have to start all over again.

I mean, seriously, how much do you remember of things that happened 48 hours ago?

So Here's What To Do

It is your job, to keep them engaged in HYPERSPEED from the time you first do you intial call.

Some people say to me, “Well I don't want to push them…”

Well if you don't, they will most likely never come into your business.

It is no coincidence that people who are good at the follow up, are good in this industry. You have to have do it EFFECTIVELY!

Make The Commitment!

So make a commitment to yourself that you be vigilant about the follow up.

Do not let a day go by without contacting your prospect.

Unless they specifically give you a time that works from them, it is your job to force the time MEANING it's up to you to suggest the times for follow up that suit YOUR agenda.

For example, in my primary company, the first exposure tool I use takes 3 minutes – a simple sizzle call.

Never will you hear me say, I'll call you tomorrow.

The follow up to that first call is done within 5 minutes if I can help it.

That means within an hour – they've gone through the majority of my funnel.

Your main purpose is to get them through the process FAST.

Can you imagine if I left that for 48 hours or more?  Yet this is what most people do.  They leave it for a week or nore in most cases!

Trust me , your prospect is NOT going to remember a 3 minute sizzle call a week later!

The fortune is in the follow up. Live that and you will see your business change.

For the more information on what I use to systemize my business and put it on autopilot so NOTHING falls through the cracks, click here.