Canvsly Vs ArtKive Vs Keepy

Canvsly Vs ArtKive Vs Keepy

Roundup: Canvsly Vs ArtKive Vs Keepy

Which iPhone App is best for preserving your kids artwork?  Let's find out in this roundup.

The presence of smart phone apps for saving your child's artwork can be an important decision.  If your child is anything like mine, the gems they bring home from school – or make at home are memories we want to keep and collect.

But at the same time, I struggle to keep the volume of stuff – not just art stuff – but stuff in general – down to a minimum in my house.

Having too much physical clutter is just too much.

So the purpose of these apps is to preserve the artwork using a digital record – and allows you to toss the original.

This is especially important for big, bulky projects, like those made on paper plates, or with Popsicle sticks, for example, that you can't fit flat inside a filing cabinet.

Smart Phones App for Kids 1: Canvsly

canvsly review


Canvsly is an App dedicated to the purpose of preserving handicrafts and personal creations of your children though digital means. Canvsly is essentially an organizing platform for storing and sharing pictures of the cool stuff that your children have made, but it comes with a few more excellent features packed inside the box. Foremost, there is a separate folder to store pictures of handicrafts of each child in the household. Each picture is stored appropriate to its actual theme or background, for example, schoolwork handicrafts are organized into the schoolwork folder.

A great feature about Canvsly is that it allows groups of parents to privately communicate and share the handicrafts of their children with one another, these groups are referred to as Canvsly circles. Sharing support is not limited to its own circle either, it also features option to share pictures and details of child handcrafts on all major social networking platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

The built-in Store inside the app, for a relatively modest price, facilitates high-quality printing of artwork pictures into t-shirts, mugs, banners and other keepsake or gifting items which I think is pretty cool – grandparents love it!  It is also possible to have an entire album of all your kid’s handicrafts printed.

canvsly app review canvasly

Smart Phones App for Kids 2: ArtKive

artkive review

ArtKive is an App that offers a complete solution for safekeeping all handicrafts that children create at home, or bring home from their schools. It allows you to take high quality pictures and store them inside a secure, private setting where they can be preserved for essentially an eternity.

ArtKive facilitates sharing the pictures of child handicrafts on all major social networking platforms as well as its own ‘Museum’, which is a public collection of children handiworks and drawing pictures contributed by parents from all around the world. It is also possible to share pictures directly with other parents, friends and family members using ArtKive.

ArtKive first requires purchase before it can be used. Priced at $4.99.

ArtKive is now free!

ArtKive provides the ability to turn the images into a number of different gift and keepsake items, which can be printed at certain costs, the gifts include t-shirts, mugs, mobile covers, pillow covers and many other similar gifts. There are no specific negatives about the functionality of the App itself, the design is intuitive and functions work exceptionally well.

I'm becoming a big fan of ArtKive for a couple of reasons.  They seems to have the best method of allowing you to convert those digial art works into a physical book.  This is awesome for parent, grandparents, and in the future, those kids of yours 😉

artkive app review

Smart Phones App for Kids 3: Keepy

keepy review

Keepy is a tool for effective preservation of all handicrafts made by your children. Keepy is designed to efficiently snap and organize pictures of your child’s drawings, paintings, paper crafts and other cool items. A great feature about Keepy is that the application is designed to accommodate videos, in contrast to the primary market focus being limited to hosting of pictures only.

Each picture, or memory, stored inside Keepy can be attached with a video or text explaining the events in details regarding that memory. The application is designed not only for storing pictures of kid’s handiwork, but also for the entire family. In Keepy, each child and family member receive their own personal folder for media storage.

It is possible to share pictures and videos stored inside Keepy directly to relatives and friends, this can be set to happen automatically whenever any picture is snapped or stored inside Keepy. Furthermore, pictures can also be shared to all major social networks.

Keepy is free of cost to download or use. Keepy also facilitates conversion of pictures directly into gifting or keepsake items, though such service is offered at a price. Albums or individual pictures can also be printed out.  You can upload 5 artworks or videos per month, and if you do more there is a small monthly cost of $2.99 per month or $9.99 per year.

keepy iphone app

These are just three of the best smart phone apps that you can introduce to your kids. These 3 kid-friendly apps are really helpful in developing your kids’ creativity and arts. They have unique features that can make your kids learn something while having some fun!

Which one do you use?  And why?  I'd love to hear your ideas!


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  1. Oh my gosh, I haven’t heard of these before, but I love them. You just can’t keep all the pictures even though you really want to! What amazing apps! I am definitely going to test all theea out and figure out which one I like the best. Now I can keep everything!! 🙂

  2. I just found your blog today while researching Essante Organics. I’ve read several of your posts, and really love everything I’ve read! I have been searching desperately to find the contact form because I want to apply to join your network marketing team, but I can’t find the contact form! Please help!

  3. Keeply is free to download but costs $1.99 per month or $9.99 per year to use for more that 5 pieces of art stored per month. I didn’t see that price included in your review.

  4. It’s been a few months. Which of the three do you recommend now (especially given artkive is now free)?

    • I really like ArtKive. I think they have the best way to store and convert your childrens memories to a physical book, which I really like. I have made several photo books of my kids and they love looking at them also!

      • ArtKive will now only allow you to upload 40 pictures for free. If you want to upload more you have to subscribe to one of their membership plans, which aren’t cheap! And letting you upload 40 pics first one tends to forget about the fees and then you’ve put all that work into it and suddenly your account is locked because you hit the 40 pic limit and you’re kind of forced to pay just so you can order your book… :-S

  5. Deborah Meyers Coccoli says

    The book seems like a great idea, but, not cheap. The box alone costs betwee $20-$40 (depending on coupons) and a minimum of $60 for 25 images. This was not entirely clear on their site and they will not refund the box if you realize, belatedly, that it may cost $80-$100 for the 25 image book.

    • Christal Campbell says

      I’m having a hard time with Artkive! I received an email from them OR I saw their add on social media. Not sure how I managed to connect with them but I have. So I use the $19 coupon for an Artkive Box back in December. I was charged $29. No discount.
      Once I received the box I decided to not have a book made but a framed piece instead. I’m fully aware it costs $169 , it says it on the paperwork. I fill the box appropriately and send it back. I received and email from Artkive letting me know they have my box and that they will be working on my piece but if I’m not in any hurry it will take some time. I agree to them taking their time. No biggie. However I asked why I wasn’t discounted originally and she explained that I didn’t use the code , I swear I did but whatever this person says they will credit me $10. I also remember reading not being charged until the piece is proofed. I haven’t seen anything. It’s 2/16/19. I’ll tell you what I have seen- $29 on 12/17 $169 on 1/30 $50 TODAY
      IM BEYOND livid.
      I was told in my emails that I would NOT be charged any additional fees UNLESS I wanted something else. I haven’t ordered anything else. What makes me so mad about this is that I was told today that $169 for the framed piece was actually a discount. 😳 The same person who told me “nope you won’t owe anything else” is the same person who is emailing me acting as if she hasn’t a clue. She should have known to email me to let me know that they were about to take an additional $50 out. I will DEFINITELY use a local photographer and use local businesses for my other 3 children’s art. I hope this thing comes wrapped in gold for $250!
      Pissy Christal

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