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Today, I am writing to you from a cafe in the beautiful Hydrostone Market in Halifax where Andrew and I are sitting in a cafe, waiting for our son Jack to finish his morning Montessori class.
I love mornings where Andrew and I can sit in quiet contemplation while the hum of people going about their business is all around us.

It is these simple pleasures in life, along with a gorgeous dark roast that make up the incredible moments in our lives.  Life is good and I am so appreciative of being able to enjoy it.

They say that God's greatest gift to people is teaching us about our own mortality – let me just say that I have learned that lesson.  It really makes you appreciate every single moment you have.

You see, back in September I had a very big scareI had a heart issue at 34 and it is only in this last week that I have gotten some real answers and finally some good news.  Trust me that really put things in perspective.

So today, I can't help but think of how far we've come and how blessed we feel right now.

And that brings me to my other point…about seizing the opportunities in life…

You see, just a few short months ago, we decided to do something radially different from the top tier businesses we had been building for the past 10 years and it has changed our lives in ways I could not have ever imagined.

Have you ever read the Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell?

tipping point - malcolm gladwellIt about the magic moment when an idea, trend, or social behavior crosses a threshold, tips, and spreads like wildfire.

It's a rare phenomenon, and one that deserves your entire, riveted attention if you come across one – like a unicorn or a gnome.


And we are positioned in a company just like that – right now.

In fact, we have a 7-year plan that will change LIVES!

I know we have all been in other companies before and sometimes a company looks amazing from the outside but once you get in, it is incredibly disappointing – this company we are working with is the EXACT opposite.  Everyday I work this business (and yes, it is work) it just gets better and better.

In fact, 11 years ago I distinctly remember saying to Andrew that if I could find a company that had explosive growth and momentum and I could GET IN FRONT of that trend, it would be life changing.  I have waited 10 years to find it.

And so that brings me back to today.

Everyday I work with my team, I know that I am building something for my family, something for my future.  And I know that it may sound a little heavy but when the day comes that I am no longer here, I know I will have built something for my son.

Something that he will have, something that I can give him.  And yes, in terms of money, he will have that but right now, one of the best things working from home gives me is time.  The time to spend with him – time I know is numbered for each and every single one of us.

Andrew said yesterday that “all kids want is time with their parents.”

I know, what I'm talking about is “heavier” than what maybe most of you intended but that's why I called it my confessional and some days, you just have to really say what you're feeling…and this is what I am feeling.

And so here we are…

And the truth is, if you have been following Andrew and I for awhile now, you know that we are just really down to earth.

We're not flashy; the cars and that other fancy stuff doesn't so much matter to us.

What we care about is family, time spent with our son and helping people change their lives.

Most of the time, we fly under the radar, working with our team in the trenches everyday, happy to be making positive changes all around.

In fact, in just a few short weeks I have had people who have never done a business starting to earn $1-3K in residuals!  And I got one of the loveliest texts from a girl who told me she cried when she woke up in the morning to find out how we had helped her – she felt so blessed!  Getting that text made me cry!

And so as of right now, our team is on FIRE, gaining strength and momentum each and every single day.

In the few short months we have been doing this, we have learned the REAL meaning of TEAM.

We have learned how powerful it is to be building with a TEAM that cares about you, how powerful it is to care for your team and how when you are really want the best for your team, you truly succeed.

How To Be Blessed…

We have been blessed beyond belief.

So if you have been trying to work from home for years, are feeling discouraged, then there is an answer…

Working with a company that cares about you, working with mentors that encourage you and deciding to finally make a change.

We are committed to helping you change your circumstances.  The systems we have in place, are step-by-step, easy to follow and come with a team that has a whole lot of love to give to people who are willing to take that leap of faith.

There is a beautiful saying, “If you are feeling discouraged – the solution is to encourage others.” 

Decide to change your life and to help others change theirs.

I am encouraging you – right now – to be the best you can be for you and your family.

If you are ready – and I mean seriously ready to make a change and are willing to do what it takes, you will never find a team more dedicated to helping you succeed – I can guarantee it.

So if you know the time has come for you to break out and take full control over your life,

then fill out the form and get back to me today.  I am looking for my shining stars – the people who have stars in their eyes and their dreams are burning bright.

Apply Now

If you are going to build, I am going to be right there with you.

Did this post connect with you?  Call me at 813-343-4115 or comment below.

I want to help you live your best life.

Marie Torres


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  1. Great Post Marie! This is so true!

    • Hi Jason!!! Thanks so much for the feedback. I think sometimes we get so busy with “life” to really appreciate what we have and how precious time is. I’ve had several experiences lately that have really driven home the importance of not taking things for granted and how critical it is to live the best life we can. We all deserve it!

  2. Life is far, far too short. In the final analysis, when the sun comes up in the morning and sets in the evening, its about the precious moments you’ve spent with your family and loved ones, that they will remember, for eternity, long after we are all gone. Thanks, for introducing us to Visalus, it has made a difference in our lives, in a very special way.

  3. You and Andrew have so much marketing know-how but also the biggest hearts -- so happy to hear that you’ve finally heard some good news about your heart condition -- I’ll bet that big, giving heart of yours healed itself because you never let it get in the way of serving your team & selfishly give day in day out. You both deserve all the success you have.. Great blog and inspiring article Marie, thanks!

  4. It is a very rare thing, especially these days, to find a successful network marketer who daesn’t want to wow me with their mansions, exotic sports cars and month long trips in 5 star motels, etc., etc..
    I am weary of the hype, the exageration and the outright lies and I’m certain that tens of thousands of other beat-up networkers are too.

    I can’t tell how refreshing it is to read this blog knowing that the two of truly are successful and yet the things you talk about are the things that really make life special; family, loving one another and helping others. Thank you, you have inspired many people with this posting and given new hope to many, mant people. You both are the kind of people we are looking to partner with. again, thank you!

  5. Jodee Beal says:

    MARIE, you bring tears to my eyes! As a member of your team, I am so blessed to be where I am today. You have been there for me every step of the way in building this business and I am forever grateful for you, Andrew and your dedication. THANK YOU so much! I can’t wait to finally meet you both in person next week:) This TEAM is AMAZING and I know I speak for all of us when I say you both are truly THE BEST!

  6. WOW Marie, your blog is so passionate and so right on point! As a promoter you articualte what is in my heart and my mind!!! You sound AMAZING!

  7. Ellisa Sinnicks-Hosue says:

    Hi Marie,
    I find your story very empowering. In my profession as a Nurse I see people who have those life changing incidents happen all of the time. Unfortunately for some it is too late. I work in a career that I love but I am tired of working for someone else and I am tired of not being able to enjoy life. Recently a close family member passed and she was only 9 years older than me. That was a life changing event for me. I want more than anything to be able to do more with my children and husband. I want to be able to travel the world with them and be able to enjoy an ice cream with them on a Wednesday afternoon. Your story is inspiring and the pictures of you and Andrew with Jack and the wonderful freedom you must feel warms my heart and makes me want that freedom even more. Both you and Andrew have already helped me so much with what you have taught me by example and by your exceptional knowledge. I thank you so much for your inspiration and for your help.

  8. Hi Maire,

    I read your story and I felt an energy that you rarely get from people. I would love to speak with you in the hopes that we can network and help one another.

    God Bless,

    Erica M.

  9. Hi Marie,

    I was reading your story and I thought it was great. I just wanted to say hi
    and I think you are doing a great job to modivate others. I just recently signed up for
    MLM zing and the elite funnel. I am ready to do whatever it takes to be successful with this.
    I am new to MLM marketing I am learning alot. Ive gone through the first 3 modules on MLMzing and loving it. You and Andrew are great speakers. I hope I can be too someday. I not much of a speaker and tend to be a bit shy and not much of a talker on the phone but I want to overcome all this and be successful. I recently had to resign from my job of 25 years from a french fry factory due to health reasons. My knees are worn out from walking on hard cement floors for many years and my weight didnt help either. I had gastric sleeve surgery last may 2012 to help with my weight loss. I have lost about 60 lbs since then. Your son is a little cutie. Keep up the great work! God Bless

  10. Your story is amazing! Seeing that you found a company that you could get in front of shows that you knew exactly where to find financial freedom! This is exactly where Rodan + Fields Dermatologists is! This is a new company (less than 5 years old) created by the two doctors that created Proactiv acne solution. It is a complete skin care line targeting anti aging and sun damage. There are less than 15,000 consultants and the opportunity to partner is only available in the US. January 2014 we will be opening in Canada! This is once in a lifetime opportunity! These are prescription based products, FDA approved and 60 day empty bottle money back guarantee! You saw what these doctors did with Proactiv, I cannot even imagine where Rodan + Fields is headed! You can see it all at or to join! This company is a GOLD MINE!

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